Silver screenings

All this week films from the 40s and 50s are being screened at Fairfax House in York, to celebrate its former life as a cinema. 

The theme of this year’s Silver Screen festival is murder and mystery. Over 10 days until Sunday, November 18, film fans can watch classics including Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological thriller Strangers on a Train and crime drama Double Indemnity.

On the opening evening, film fans dressed as their favourite film characters to attend a screening of Witness for the Prosecution, starring Marlene Dietrich, left.

Hannah Phillip, director of Fairfax House, said: “We have a superb line-up of classic films, many of which were actually screened at St George’s cinema [now Fairfax House].

“This is a special chance to relive its former days and to experience the house as it has not been seen since the 1960s and before.

“All the trappings of cinema-going during the 1950s will return – Commissionaire ticket-collecting to greet you at the door, usherettes to show you to your seat, ice-creams at the interval and of course the essential big screen back in place.”


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